Adriana Mirage Ph.D.

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As an educational consultant, with more than ten years of experience in international education, leadership training, career coaching and higher education, my mission is to provide institutions and individual with knowledge and tools for personal and professional development that leads to a more integrated, productive and fulfilling working environment.

As an associate professor at the Florida Christian University, I was able to focus my interests in personal and professional development through coaching and mentoring practices and to explore the diverse nuances of cultural intelligence and its influence on the performance of students and educators. As a trainer and speaker, I was blessed to reach out to a great number of countries and cultures, with the opportunity to immerse myself into different prospectives and contexts. My book, “Wake Up! The World Is Calling” presents an easy reading reflection on the considered elements and tools for cultural intelligence adopted by many global citizens in the world.

While growing as a global citizen, my passion for traveling and exploring took me to more than 85 countries, exploring the relevance of cultural intelligence in education and the workplace. As a result, I became fluent in multiple languages and had a deep understanding of the challenges and benefits a global career and  lifestyle has to offer. With numerous multicultural experiences to draw from, as well as a wide array of clients from all nationalities, my international career brings insight and awareness to what it means to live in today's global world.

As a global professional, I discovered that success is achieved by taking personal responsibility, being proactive in the integration and being accountable for our choices and results.

 Let me help you and your team to detect and close the gaps, building a bridge that leads to better performance and compliance.

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