Workshop #1



· Cultural Intelligence for Global Educators

 Understanding the power of cultural intelligence when serving culturally diverse audiences and being a diplomat for your culture. Embracing the opportunities of living in a new country without being overwhelmed by the challenges.

Workshop #2



· Keys to Influence and Motivation: Know yourself, know others, and treat others as they want to be treated. 

 Be a force for good. Discover your positive traits, using them to leverage, motivate, and influence others. 

Workshop #3



· Keys to Communication Behavior Profile: Why aren’t you getting the expected results from your team? 

We become what we communicate. Engage in understanding how people perceive you and your messages, and why misunderstanding is standing on your way towards progress. Master your message, and you will master your audience.

Workshop #4



· Keys to Empower Educators on a Personal and Professional Level. 

 Genuinely caring for your staff, and empowering them towards personal development will make them care deeply for the students and the institution.

Workshop #5



· Educators vs. Educational Institutions: Engaging Personal Development to Leverage Professional Standards. 

 Institutions always demanding more engagement and results from their educators, invite us to observe the power of personal development and the importance of self-care before caring for others.

Educational Consulting



  • Colaborating with teachers and administrators to fix systemic problems, training educators, improving the learning environment, and advising administrators. 
  • Supporting private education companies to develop learning products that help teachers, schools, and students' achievement.
  • Career coaching.